The goal of my fashion line is to provide chic and timeless staple pieces for your wardrobe.  In this small collection, each piece is hand made and designed to go from day to night.... I love chatting about clothes and would love to analyze your wardrobe/closet and help you pack your next carry-on. Please email me anytime.

I  grew up in Texas and spent many days sewing with my grandmother who taught me about fabric, patterns and making clothes.  After graduating from Tulane University with degrees in international relations and art history, I  started my professional career in  Tokyo. Living and working in Asia for the next 5 years stoked  insatiable wander lust and I inevitably turned my obsession of scouring flea markets into a  job. Since 1999 I have been  designing jewelry/textiles and also importing all sorts of goods from all over the globe.

My designs have been featured in O Magazine, In Style, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Domino, The San Antonio Express News, The New York Times ,San Antonio Magazine and Billboard Women in Music Award celebrity swag bags......